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SamSpielberg 2013年9月13日下午6:52
Audio Troubles.
So, I need this ( in SFM. Problem is, when I put it into SFM as a .mp3 or .wav, it doesn't play. I tried importing another .mp3 (pacific rim theme) and it totally worked. Any ideas?
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raptornx01 2013年9月13日下午7:15 
what are you using to convert it into wav?
SamSpielberg 2013年9月13日下午7:16 
Audacity. That's what I use for any conversion and it's never failed.
raptornx01 2013年9月13日下午7:21 
i've heard sfm can be picky with audacity converts, and that sometimes running it through audacity again can fix it. sometimes.
SamSpielberg 2013年9月13日下午7:24 
Nope. Still nothing. Maybe there's a "No Annoying Music" thing in SFM?
Pte Jack is away for a MONTH++ 2013年9月13日下午8:01 
The Source Engine supports both raw and compressed audio in WAV and MP3 respectively. However, for looping sounds only WAV is supported. PCM 16bit WAV at 44KHz is the highest quality available. Monaural or monophonic audio is NOT supported. (source... )
Nerp 2013年9月14日上午12:02 
If you have Sony Vegas, all the mp3s will be converted with no problem.
SamSpielberg 2013年9月14日上午6:42 
Ah! It's in mono! Excellent, thanks Private and everyone else!
SamSpielberg 2013年9月14日上午6:44 
Wait, no it's not......Crap.
SamSpielberg 2013年9月14日上午11:05 
K, so it looks like it just doesn't want to work, which is fine, because I found a solution. Thanks all for the help!
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