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[SAUK] Saharan Spy 2013年9月13日 14時00分
Song Making Software (Possibly Free?)
I have a few plans for parodies of songs, but I would like to know if anyone knows any good software for making songs with?
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raptornx01 2013年9月13日 14時59分 
you mean synths and daws? well, the best daw to get is ableton (though some swear by cubase) and one of the best vst packages is kontakt. (a daw is the player/mixer, vsts are the intruments). another great one is LA scoring strings.

though they aren't free (unless you have the knowing of the interwebs)
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[SAUK] Saharan Spy 2013年9月14日 0時28分 
Uhh... yeah! Whatever that means...
Sarsour 2013年9月14日 4時53分 
You haven't exactly been clear on what kind of music making you wanna do..
1. Use ready sound clips and tracks to place together into a mix
2. Use MIDI intrument to play notes off a program.
3. Use your own instruments plugged in through a sound card to record music.
[SAUK] Saharan Spy 2013年9月14日 4時53分 
raptornx01 2013年9月14日 13時16分 
He's asking what you want to do. the programs I told you about let you compose music with realistic sounding instruments.

But, you can make music with sony vegas or adobe after effects. just depends on what you want to make.
[SAUK] Saharan Spy 2013年9月15日 8時40分 
Oh. Well I wanted to make a version of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
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