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mxdirector 2013年9月8日 5時54分
Footroll with tf2 models
how do you do a footroll with the tf2 models?
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R234 2013年9月8日 6時02分 
What's a footroll?
Pte Jack 2013年9月8日 8時54分 
This is achieved by using the rig_biped_simple and to get the actual foot roll, you have to manually rotate the rig_foot and rig_toe bones as you animate. the ik movement is based on the actual foot. The toe and ankle roll doesn't happen naturally in the rig.
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mxdirector 2013年9月9日 2時38分 
Found a soultion, for any one else wanting to know.
reset the pivot to the toe joint.
I did it by selecting the toe joint, framing it with the F key, then select the toe joint, then press Alt+V to reset pivot to the screen. then after that you have to just rotate the joint, no bother with touching messy arcs, or floating
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