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Drunkdwarf 2013年9月6日下午11:47
Katy Perry SFM

Would really appreciate some feedback on my katy perry parody about Tf2 :)
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raptornx01 2013年9月7日上午10:04 
Left a comment on the vid. all in all, good job.
Psi 2013年9月8日上午4:51 
I found the subtitles a little distracting and unnecessary tbh but otherwise i enjoyed it. funny song and your directing of the imagery to it is done quite nicely. probably some areas the lighting and animations could be improved but nothing to fret over.
最后由 Psi 编辑于; 2013年9月8日上午4:52
Alex Wisdom (R.I.P Nimoy) 2013年9月8日上午9:16 
I had the same opinion as Psi: the subs drew my attention away from the vid at three different points. But otherwise it was really good!

P.S. I will set you a challenge: make a music vid for a version of 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. Do you accept?
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