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Running SFM SDK on Windows XP
I've read that the SFM SDK doesn't launch on Windows XP. From personal experience, I can say that it's true. What I'm wondering is if anyone's managed to find a work-around for that rather major problem, and gotten the thing to actually start up on a Windows XP machine; and of so, how.

Unfortunately, I have neither the money to buy a new operating system (let alone a whole new computer, which I really need, in all honesty) nor the backup storage to save all the stuff I don't want to lose that's currently on this XP rig I'm using. So if there's a way to make it work with XP, I'd love to know.
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Hate to say this Zokk, but you might want to scrape real hard for a new system. the lifecylce for XP is over. I doubt that you'll see much in the way of updates or any type of support for it.
Read this if you need more info...
yep, me too I'm been having this problem since the first time i download sfm and till now, i still can't use SFM. For pivate reasons, i'm also using windows xp. I can download sfm but cannot open it. The moment i open it, my computer starts to lag and it will stay there till i close it.Its hasbeen a major problem for me for the past months...
I'm now also waiting for the solution...
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damn. the solution is the same. you gotta upgrade your os (operating system). xp is officially dead and not supported anymore.
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