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EmperorFaiz. spook 2013年9月5日上午8:29
SFM suddenly speed up
When I using it, I realized the time in viewport is faster and in game mode it becomes too darn fast. Help plz
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FlyToRainbowRay 2013年9月5日下午12:27 
I get the same problem after rendering a poster and have to restart sfm. Is it always fast or is it just random?
Puzzler 2013年9月6日下午12:03 
I know sometimes it's too slow, but this...No idea!
Mary Berry 2013年9月6日下午1:08 
I believe everyone has this problem. Just restart SFM.
EmperorFaiz. spook 2013年9月6日下午8:54 
Yeah I already know about the fix but is there any permanent fix so it won't happen again?
R234 2013年9月6日下午11:31 
Besides an official patch, I don't think anything could fix that.
正在显示第 1 - 5 条,共 5 条留言
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