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Fat Soviet Machine Gun Mann 2013년 9월 3일 오전 9시 35분
Focal distance and aperture not working in video
I have set a focal distance and tweaked with the aperture for a while now.When I play the video in the clip edtior,there is no blur,and it only shows up when I pause the video.
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Puzzler 2013년 9월 3일 오전 10시 18분 
It is probably because of your videocard (it can not display blur and DoF), or you had set up too good settings (like 256 and 512)
Psi 2013년 9월 3일 오전 11시 25분 
that's how it works... regardless of your video card. It only shows up when you pause on a frame. Not possible to render all those settings that quickly when simply scrubbing the playhead or letting it play.

Unfortunately it does make knowing how the end result is going to look a little difficult. I guess you just have to do test renders on individual shots if only seeing 1 frame at a time isn't giving you a good enough idea of how it will look in the end.
Pte Jack Wishes Merry Christmas 2013년 9월 3일 오전 11시 25분 
That is because SFM needs to but doesn't have time to process the progressive refinement of your video while you are playing it in raw mode in the clip editor. You have to remember that it IS an editor, not a player. The reason your video displays the blur, DOF and aperature when you stop the video is that the editor has time to process it.

A suggestion is to actually render a portion of your video and watch it in a video player. You can this through the export video and setting the video time to custom and select the seconds or frames of the video you want to test.
Pte Jack Wishes Merry Christmas님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 9월 3일 오전 11시 26분
Pte Jack Wishes Merry Christmas 2013년 9월 3일 오전 11시 28분 
Dag, Psi beat me and posted while I was editing my reply, wah!!!! What Psi says. I back up his answer!!!!
Psi 2013년 9월 3일 오전 11시 39분 
sorry ;O
Pte Jack Wishes Merry Christmas 2013년 9월 3일 오전 11시 45분 
Don't be sorry. It's a sign of weakness... Stand up and take credit for a great answer!!!
PalmliX 2013년 9월 3일 오후 3시 15분 
Don't forget that you can right click in the viewport, select 'display' and select 'Show Focal Plane'. This will allow you to see your plane of focus in real time and is basically the only way to check that your shots are in focus without rendering.
Fat Soviet Machine Gun Mann 2013년 9월 5일 오후 1시 51분 
Thank you everyone,for your answers.I will take them into good note.
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