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Crafterkid123 2013年9月2日 17時15分
we really need SFM for mac
i think that mac users should be able to use SFM without having to wait for the beta to be over and PAY for it becuse its just unfair to have a mac version to release by the time it costs money while thoose swaggy windows users get it for free. serously its not fricking fair
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Crafterkid123 2013年9月2日 17時18分 
this is serously ♥♥♥♥ing with my nerves right now and also before you people ask "then open up bootcamp or WINE" well guess what? not everybody has a OS swapping pro
raptornx01 2013年9月2日 17時19分 
Who ever said they were going to charge for SFM once the beta was over?
Crafterkid123 2013年9月2日 17時20分 
well it says that its free cuz its a beta so it might mean that its gonna be paid after it
Crafterkid123 2013年9月2日 17時22分 
just look ok not all people have bootcamp and a 100 dollar windows CD or WINE on their mac and this is just unfair that the windows peeps get it and mac users dont.
P.S i bet bill gates will dig up steve job's grave and teabag it if he sees how good and non mac supporting SFM is
Psi 2013年9月2日 17時23分 
maybe you should get a PC. Lack of software availablity has always been a problem with Macs. Do some research before purchasing a computer next time and maybe you won't put yourself at a disadvantage again.
Crafterkid123 2013年9月2日 17時30分 
im waiting for a PC to come but it will only come if i cant get HL2 DM working on my mac after my whole digital ram job
PalmliX 2013年9月2日 19時49分 
It wouldn't make any sense for Valve to start charging for SFM after it's been out for free for an entire year, what's stopping people from simply creating a steam-independent version of it? Or even, installing it, then putting their steam into offline mode...
raptornx01 2013年9月2日 20時13分 
from their own FAQ

Q. Why are you giving the SFM away?
In the past, we’ve found that giving away our tools for free leads to the community creating amazing things for themselves and for others. All the items in the Team Fortress Workshop, and in fact Team Fortress itself, are a testament to how amazing the community’s creations are. We can’t wait to see what amazing creations you make with the SFM.

Q. Can I make money with this tool?
Yes, but not if you’re using Valve’s assets in your movie. The tool is free for non-commercial use. You can use Valve’s game assets (things like characters, props, particles, textures, and sounds) to create movies and images to share with the game community, as long as what you create is free. We’re not giving you a license to commercialize our assets. However, if you do not include any of Valve’s assets in the movies and images that you make, then there are no restrictions on what you do with your content and you can make money with it.
Crafterkid123 2013年9月4日 13時34分 
oh ok but serously we really need it on GOD ♥♥♥♥ING DAMN MAC

xXx_LeGiTfAzEqUikScOp3rMLGM9_xXx 2013年9月5日 5時34分 
I think they're working on it. They did the same for TF2.
Crafterkid123 2013年9月5日 5時48分 
also today some ♥♥♥♥♥ named bob kicked me off of a mann up server just because i was trying to be a combat medic -_- i wanna kill that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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