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Sarsour 26. Aug. 2013 um 19:11 Uhr
My custom model is crosseyed!
I got the eye movements and textures working today. Im pretty sure I have the rotation within the model viewer correct as up/down left/right now work accordingly but I cant seem to straigten up his eyes! :
Would appreciate any help/info.
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Pte Jack 26. Aug. 2013 um 19:35 Uhr 
Ahh, suggestion only, but because the eyes are opposites, I thought one had to be 90 and the other -90... (I don't know for sure)
Sarsour 26. Aug. 2013 um 19:47 Uhr 
Maybe .... Im really new at this, I realised when I attatch it to different bones, It takes different positions so Im trying to add a bone in Blender way infront of the character seeing if that helps, otherwise Im gona try your suggestion and I'll let you know what happens.
Sarsour 26. Aug. 2013 um 19:57 Uhr 
Well none of that worked...Im suspecting it might have to do with these lines I added in the qc from some tutorial about 'eyes for custom models in SFM'
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_updown
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_rightleft
Sarsour 26. Aug. 2013 um 19:58 Uhr 
they actually got the eye controllers to start working, but duno if the values should be changed, trying.
Sarsour 26. Aug. 2013 um 20:04 Uhr 
nothing...sorry for spamming you, just letting you know whats the progress incase you can help.
raptornx01 26. Aug. 2013 um 23:38 Uhr 
Yeah, those lines are correct. those are the ones pony models have. I know cause many of the model that had been originally made for gmod, when installed in sfm, had broken eyes. for some reason gmod has no issue with eye manipulation, but sfm required the extra coding. The only fix was to add those lines to the qc and recompile the models.

BTW, you can go up to 90 with those

But yours seem to be an eyes convergence issue.but i've looked through qcs for models I know work and can't find a reference to it.

All i can find on eyes is the one you posted (with 90 instead of 45) and these

eyeball righteye Head -5.200 -15.060 39.890 eyeball_r 10.000 -1.000 body 10.000
eyeball lefteye Head 5.200 -15.060 39.890 eyeball_l 10.000 1.000 body 10.000
$attachment "eyes" "Head" 5.61 -9.36 0.00 rotate -0.00 -92.59 -90.00
$eyeposition -0.000 0.000 70.000
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Sarsour 27. Aug. 2013 um 8:55 Uhr 
Thanks dude, got it working after hours of playing around with the bracketted values :
eyeball righteye Head (-5.200) -15.060 39.890 eyeball_r 10.000 (-1.000) pupil_r 10.000
eyeball lefteye Head (5.200) -15.060 39.890 eyeball_l 10.000 (1.000) pupil_l 10.000

I had to play this game of balance between them cos even when I got my eyes centered, the edge of the iris texture was stretching in towards the middle of the head, so I basically did the qc eyes's job manually by hand and thank god for GUIstudiomdl because I was making hundreds of adjustments and recompiling and that would've taking me ages with the default studiomdl ....
appreciate the help guys!
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Sarsour 27. Aug. 2013 um 8:58 Uhr 
btw, the eyeball_r has taken the place of pupil_r as a texture hasnt it? cos the VMT for them is pretty much just the same one now...just confirming cos the developer wiki is quite out of date ,(though) someone did mention something about it on there.
I recall there being seperate vmt's for the pupil and white part of the eye while I was studying up on those ancient documents/tutorials.
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raptornx01 27. Aug. 2013 um 9:22 Uhr 
It's just a naming convention. and it depends on what you want to do. if you want the full eye ball to be one texture that's fine, depending on the style you are going for that may be all you need. but the models i mentioned have separate textures for eyeball and pupil because the eyes are able to change sizes. IE the pupil gets smaller, but the white remains the shame. and each size (big medium and small in this case) is a separate texture that can be changed by changing the skingroup.

it's up to you what you think you'll need for videos with the model you are making (or what other people might possibly need if you are doing it for public release.) its just an optional, extra detail.
Sarsour 27. Aug. 2013 um 12:19 Uhr 
Would the change in size be animated or a direct jump to the second textures eyes? and can I bother you with an sample/example .VMT for eye textures with seperate white part and iris textures..cos this is just my base structure of the model(texutures unfinished), once I get the hang of importing with the rest of the characters I'm gonna start improvements , and this could be one (also want to add bump mapping for eyes so the iris is defined more ...specular also) .
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raptornx01 27. Aug. 2013 um 12:38 Uhr 
Direct jump. right-click the animation set, go to skin. default would be skin 0, middle size skin 1, and small size skin 2. but it can be animated with the skin and bodygroup script. otherwise you have to blade the shot. twice.

the pupils for the models I have that do this are three separate vtf files. but no vmts for those. the vmts are for the eyeballs. one eyeball vtf and three vmts.

this is the default eyeball vmt (skin 0) eyeball_l.vmt (there is an eyeball_r as well)

"$basetexture" "models/VN_mlp/applejack/eyeball_l"
"$iris" "models/VN_mlp/applejack/pupil_l"
"$halflambert" "1"

"$ambientocclusion" "1"


"$basetexture" "models/VN_mlp/applejack/eyeball_l"
"$iris" "models/VN_mlp/applejack/pupil_l_medium"
"$halflambert" "1"

"$ambientocclusion" "1"


"$basetexture" "models/VN_mlp/applejack/eyeball_l"
"$iris" "models/VN_mlp/applejack/pupil_l_small"
"$halflambert" "1"

"$ambientocclusion" "1"

BTW, careful with the bumpmapping. someone had tried to do that to a model i have. used a skin texture from another part of the model as a base. looked fine in gmod, but in sfm you end up with a shiny green checkerboard pattern as the bumpmap itself worked, but the texture didn't load into it.

(It was actually funny that you could get sfm's no-texture texture to be affected by a bumpmap)
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Sarsour 27. Aug. 2013 um 16:44 Uhr 
Dude! that is neat! thanks a bunch. Won't forget it.

haha I've seen that checker board bump map while I was learning the stuff. It was on the body of my model and I couldn't tell if it was the original bump map or not cos it seemed ridiculous that the checker board could bump.

and guys, dont mind me later on when I get to the cloth part of animation, that I jump back to my previous thread on Cloth simulation where you guys helped out, leaving it for later, cos I can't really do much till I reach that stage.
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raptornx01 28. Aug. 2013 um 2:32 Uhr 
Be interested to see this when you are done.
Sarsour 28. Aug. 2013 um 12:53 Uhr 
Definetly dude! First piece of encouragement I've gotten from the community (including facepunch) and the support I'm getting for the issues I'm posting are really an upper aswell.
I consider you guys a part of this project specially how everyone just wants to help.

My plan for when this is done is to release the video along side all the models and maps for the SFM community to play around with and make their videos.
raptornx01 28. Aug. 2013 um 13:00 Uhr 
No Prob.

and News maps are always good.
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