PKPenguin 26. elo, 2013 18.03
Really Dumb Question
Hey guys, I've used SFM before and I feel like you're supposed to be able to view your animation in fullscreen (NOT fullscreen the editor), but pressing play leaves it in the viewport. Any way to put my pre-rendered film into fullscreen? Feeling like an idiot not being able to figure this one out.
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Pte Jack 26. elo, 2013 19.52 
If there is a full screen preview button, I can't find it. (Can't find a preview button either. The closest I can get to that kind of screen is to pull the primary viewport tab out of SFM and make it it's own window. Then maximize that. (Even that isn't full screen in the sense I think you want and it is viewport.) To get the primary viewport docked back into SFM select windows -> Layouts -> return to default layout. Other than that, I think you have to render the movie and play it. You can render elements of the movie by the way, you don't have to render the whole thing. When you go to render, change duration to custom then input the time sequence or change to frames and input the frame numbers you want to render.
PKPenguin 26. elo, 2013 20.08 
Thanks, bud! Didn't think anyone would come to my rescue. I'll put this to use!
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