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hi my name is 2013年8月24日 21時44分
Camera position between shots
Hello guys. I understand the basics of camera manipulation, but here's the problem. Say I blade a clip into 2 shots, I change camera A on shot 2, all is well, camera A on shot 1 doesn't change. But how can I get back the position from shot 1 into shot 2? Say I suddenly think that camera doesn't need to change position in shot 2, and I want to revert back to shot 1?

The only work around I see right now is to merge the two clips, but then this brings me a bunch of other troubles, ie dota animations that plays through the ENTIRE shot.

What I would like is a way to copy and paste camera positions between shots using the same camera.

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R234 2013年8月24日 23時10分 
There should never be any reason to blade a shot if the camera is to stay in the same position. A shot change implies a camera change. If you don't want this kind of problem happening, you should leave the shot blading until last if you're not sure of when you'll need a camera change.

That said, to answer your question, you could simply copy shot B's camera samples onto shot A's. To do that, select the camera's animation set, ensure you're in motion editor mode, select all time and right-click the timeline. There should be an option to copy / paste samples. Another way would be to copy the camera's animation set outright.
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hi my name is 2013年8月25日 7時34分 
Thanks for your answer. But what if I don't have a camera set? Also if I already changed the position of camera A, wouldn't copying and pasting be exactly the same? I was hoping that I can copy curves but I don't think that's possible.
R234 2013年8月25日 15時54分 
hmmmwell, if you don't have an animation set for your camera then you can simply create one by clicking the litlle down arrow next to the camera name below a viewport, and selecting create animation set. The methods I described above also work for copying motion, though it offsets it as per the shot's start, so if you want it to be continuous you'll have to alt-drag it to where you want it to be.

Though I'm not quite sure that's what you meant?
Psi 2013年8月25日 17時05分 
this is very simple procedure. Like R234 says it's just a matter of copying the position from one clip and pasting it into the other. Can be done in both motion editor or graph editor.

For graph editor, simply make a key marking the position of the camera in shot #1. then right click the key and select to copy it. Then go into the 2nd shot and paste the key into the timeline for camera's animation set in that shot.

You need to have animation sets for your cameras, period. Another method to create the animation set for the cameras is to hover your mouse over the area in the animation set editor, right click, then select create animation set for existing element, then select the camera from the list.
hi my name is 2013年8月25日 19時41分 
Thanks guys, I think I understand now!
hi my name is 2013年8月25日 19時42分 
Just a quick question, if I lose track of positions of my models any way to find it in the viewport?
raptornx01 2013年8月25日 21時01分 
If they are within the cameras field of view, but say, behind something. holding ctrl while in the motion or graph editor will pop up a bunch of little diamonds indicating the flexes of the model. it may bee hard to judge distance, but you'll have a general idea of where they are.
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