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raptornx01 2013年8月24日上午8:48
A way to make body parts invisible
Say you have a model made up of multiple smds. and you can see them when you right-click and look under bodygroups. is it possible to hide just one smd, or would the model have to be recompiled?

possibly with override materials?

EDIT: I found it. right-click, add override material. then right-click and open model in element viewer. go down to materials. expand it. find the part you want to hide* right-click and go to add attribute. select float. then type in $alpha

*if the part you want isn't listed just right-click materials and go to add element. then name it whatever name the piece is (has to be the exact name. and the location of the vtf file in the materials folder for that part.
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EmperorFaiz.txt 2013年8月25日上午2:45 
thank you for the tips, amigo
最后由 EmperorFaiz.txt 编辑于; 2013年8月25日上午2:45
Puzzler 2013年8月25日上午11:58 
Thanks! You are awesome!
raptornx01 2013年9月3日下午7:04 
Ok I did a video showing how this is done.
TGC.Weezer 2013年9月4日下午5:37 
what is that abomination flying on my screen as i watch this video, but nice animation :|

引用自 raptornx01
Ok I did a video showing how this is done.
Sarsour 2013年9月6日上午1:29 
I duno if this would help but in the console you can type in ' toolload vmt '
brings up some material settings... also toolunload vmt when you wanna close it (or else it stays open in the background)
最后由 Sarsour 编辑于; 2013年9月6日上午4:27
raptornx01 2013年9月6日上午2:48 
That.... did nothing. it says the material editor is loaded, but i see no extra options anywhere, and no window popped up. unless i'm missing something.

EDIT: ok, it's in the game engine window. select a vmt. annnnndd it crashed the program :/

EDIT 2: it seems like it COULD be useful, but it actually does edit the vmts. which is fine if the change you want to do you want to be permanent. but the preview windows and thing are pretty much useless. and you can't actually see what you are doing to the model.

and it still only works if the texture actually HAS a vmt.

Plus it's buggy as hell. I did like I do with the particle editor and went to tools and selected sfm, then the texture that I had been looking at the vmt for unloaded itself to be replaced with the purple and black checker we are so familiar with. and on top of that, for an odd change of pace, the program couldn't be shut down. it would give me the pop up asking if i wanted to save. I'd click don't save, and..... nothing. and nothing I did could close it. I actually had to ctrl alt delete it to get it to close.

That being said, good find. I'll keep this i mind just in case. But I think the override materials would be more useful.
最后由 raptornx01 编辑于; 2013年9月6日上午3:16
Sarsour 2013年9月6日上午4:25 
to unload it/ close it , press f11 to go back to the ingame mode and bring up the console and type in toolunload vmt ....but yes it is very buggy, would be a nice feature if they could fix it for atleast the release version of sfm.
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