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Tokiw 23 aug 2013 om 11:19nm
(Graph Editor) Any way to "Solidify" motion, then delete keyframes?
(TL;DR version at the bottom)

I'm having difficulties getting something to work. I've used the graph editor to get smoother motion quite well in the past, but with what I'm working on right now I'm having troubles. Basically, keyframes that I've made in the past are starting the interfere with new keyframes. Here's a link to an effect that I'd like to get:

(Sorry for photobucket being kinda lossy)

So, on the left you can see the motion for an idle animation I have. On the right, you can see it's the exact same motion, except minus the keyframes. I got this effect by copy-and-pasting. Well, copy-pasta works wonders for getting idle animations to loop (I haven't figured out a better way to do that yet, I do know there is one though), but those keyframes in the beginning interfere whenever I try to add a keyframe later when the character breaks from the idle animation. It replaces all motion in between with a smooth curve from my second newest keyframe, to the newest. Well, that means it replaces all idle animation in between, as well as a bit of other motion that I've done. If I add a bunch of keyframes to try and keep this from happening, the idle animation gets smoothed again, and thus makes it different from the last loop (I need them to be exactly the same).

(TL;DR) So, is there any way to remove keyframes, but at the same time keep the smooth motion that they've created?
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raptornx01 24 aug 2013 om 1:16vm 
You should have copied the keyframes, not just the motion itself.

dunno if this will work, but that box that says linear? try changing it to offset, or over right. se what that gives you.
Tokiw 24 aug 2013 om 11:59vm 
It worked. Thanks!
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