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Catayu 2013年8月23日上午11:57
Engineer's Idea Tube
When I use the zero slider, only the leather strap works correctly and the tube clips through the engi's chest. Please help a fellow animator out.
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spaghett 2013年8月27日下午5:34 
I'm having trouble with this too. Any fixes?
TC MS 2013年11月18日上午11:24 
I'd like to know what i have to do too its because we haven't connected the "tube" and "tube jiggle", but I have no idea what we are supposed to link those to.
Motionofassorted 2013年12月16日下午5:56 
If there's an unknown file for the model, use the default slider. Usualy works for me.
If there's a jiggle bone, slide the playhead in the motion editor.
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