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starplasam626 2013年8月22日上午4:37
Backstab Animation?
Been seeing people use a backstab animation on their... well... animations and I cant seem to find it in the sequences, Can anyone help me find this?
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EmperorFaiz. VACATION 2013年8月22日上午8:29 
the backstab sequence is already exist. just open import > sequence, then find Melee_Overhand_Swing. Good luck
R234 2013年8月22日下午4:36 
One thing to note is that the backstab sequence (melee_overhand_swing, as EmperorFaiz mentioned) is a "layer" sequence, which means it has to be imported on top of another sequence to look right. In this case you need a stand_melee or run_melee sequence.
最后由 R234 编辑于; 2013年8月22日下午4:36
starplasam626 2013年8月22日下午6:09 
Er.. This isnt what I meant, I meant the animation played after a class gets backstabed. that kind.
R234 2013年8月22日下午7:58 
Oh, that's primary_death_backstab or something like that.
starplasam626 2013年8月22日下午10:13 
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