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FlyToRainbowRay 2013年8月20日 11時25分
Playback too fast.
The playback keeps becoming too fast in sfm. Anyone know why? If I restart sfm it goes away but eventually comes back.
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Highs The Ratata 2013年8月21日 11時34分 
are you sure that you dont animate the bookmarks too close to eachother?
by this i mean make the animation VERY fast?
FlyToRainbowRay 2013年8月21日 16時13分 
No. The playhead will playback about 2x normal speed, so 20 seconds will pass in SFM when only about 10 seconds have gone by in real time.
Highs The Ratata 2013年8月22日 12時43分 
when its going faster right click on the shot in timeline, click edit clip time and see if its 1
FlyToRainbowRay 2013年8月22日 17時00分 
Yeah, it's at 1.
FlyToRainbowRay 2013年9月1日 16時43分 
Anyone have any ideas? I reninstalled SFM but it keeps doing and it is really annoying.
warmcanofcoke 2013年9月1日 16時52分 
make your animation twice as long as you want it - and edit the speed/duration in another editing software like Adobe Premere - I'm sure you use a demo for free for 30 days or something like that
Psi 2013年9月1日 19時49分 
could of swore i just saw someone say it does this after you render a poster.
FlyToRainbowRay 2013年9月1日 21時13分 
Psi の投稿を引用:
could of swore i just saw someone say it does this after you render a poster.

That seems to be the problem. I'm surprised I didn't notice that was the cause.I guess I wont do as many storyboards.
Psi 2013年9月2日 8時06分 
maybe you could create your storyboards by rendering as movies instead (render as img sequence) and only selecting a small selection which contains the frame you want rendered. the SFM geniuses are saying this is better quality anyway since rendering as a poster ignores bloom settings and possibly other settings or something. i don't know if the fast playback bug happens after rendering movies as well...
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raptornx01 2013年9月2日 11時07分 
Or just do an animatic. IE block out the shots, but don't actually animate the scenes.
FlyToRainbowRay 2013年9月2日 12時46分 
Rendering an img sequence dosn't cause it to speed up, so I will do that. Thank you.
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