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EmperorFaiz. RENDER TIME 19 ago 2013, ore 3:47
Slow unsynchronise timeline
I imported a sound file, shows the waveform and press play, I realised the sound is not synchronise with the waveform. I also realised the timeline moves slower. To proof this, I press play button on clip editor and activate my stopwatch simultaneously and stop both at the same time. I'd finally find out that there's big difference (10 second on the timeline and 13 seconds on my stopwatch). HELP ME!!
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(QIG) Mr. Trackmania 31 lug, ore 13:27 
EmperorFaiz. RENDER TIME 31 lug, ore 19:55 
what are you doing here?
(QIG) Mr. Trackmania 1 ago, ore 10:53 
I'm getting the same exact problem, and nobody's giving me answers.
ConfederateJoe 1 ago, ore 11:16 
If you recently rendered a poster it screws up the timeline like that. You'll have to restart SFM.
If that's not it, you want to check the sound is under 20 MB and is 48000Hz for best compatibility with sfm.
(QIG) Mr. Trackmania 1 ago, ore 16:03 
My sound quality for videos like that are usually 41400 hertz.
R234 1 ago, ore 16:23 
Huh? 48? I thought SFM didn't support anything beyond 44kHz 16-bit PCM?
ConfederateJoe 1 ago, ore 16:52 
44, whatever it was.
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