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Hunterscout 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 11:15
Umm .. My Femscout is weird..
it is completely of this color:

i hope you guys can help me (the stupid one) D:
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Pte Jack is away for a MONTH 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 11:23 
You have not installed her correctly, she can't find her materials. Best way to load this model is to create a folder under the game folder. Extract and place the Materials and models folders in that folder. Open the gameinfo.txt file found in the usermod folder and insert Game {yourfoldername} under the searchpaths section.

Relaunch SFM and search for her again.
Hunterscout 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 11:25 
Okay thanks
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