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blade.blaster56745 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 8:19
how do i make original models to use in sfm?
alright so far i've got a fair idea on how to make the maps (curse you lighting.) now my question of the day is how do i make a usable model (one i can animate like one of the tf2 characters.) thank you to to anyone that helps. (i'm mostly curious if it can be done in sdk and if so how or do i need another program to make a model)
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EmperorFaiz. b0ss 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 8:59 
you need to learn how to make a poseable model with face flexes. For starter, you should use Blender (free 3D software) and refer to Source SDK website to know the basic of modelling for Source engine.
Pte Jack 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 11:17 
Start your reading on the subject here
blade.blaster56745 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 11:51 
thank you, mostly needed program info ( just hope i can work the eyes and mouth properly skeleton shouldn't be to bad)
Pte Jack 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 12:55 
This tutorial series explains in basic terms What you have to do, where to get the programs, how to install them, how to use them and and how to get everything back into SFM...
blade.blaster56745 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 1:34 
thanks pte blender and the vtf will be useful. im trying to make models from scratch though not extracting them from a game and putting them in sfm... yet have a personal project im going to do and the models dont exist in any shape or form yet
Pte Jack 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 2:11 
Good stuff... Extracting and importing is only a portion of the tut... Once you have your model created, you'll need the exporting from blender, and the painting portion to help as sort of a guide.
blade.blaster56745 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 3:55 
ok havnt watched them all yet only had time to watch the first and part of the second one is there one that tells which one you use to make an original model or how to atleast (sorry i'm not the most patient guy)
Pte Jack 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 4:05 
No, not yet. I am not a modeller (yet anyway). These are just basic video showing you how to extract, decompile, import, change, add textures, export, create skins, compile and get into SFM. They do not teach you how to model except give basic info on some of the functions in Blender. I refer to a couple of really good Blender tutorial websites if you need to learn Blender. That is way outside the scope of the videos. BUT, for basic operations, I think they are pretty good. I tried to break each down into their own segment to keep the length of the video down.

When creating your own characters, these can help with the process you'll have to follow to get them from Blender and into SFM.
Pte Jack 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 4:25 
Yup, those too!!!
blade.blaster56745 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 4:45 
ok thank you alot not exactly what i was looking for but it still helps me out if you know anyone that is a modeler and is willing to try and help me out i would appreciate it
Scruffy 2013. aug. 19. @ du. 1:45 
Thanks for the help guys...
raptornx01 2013. aug. 19. @ du. 2:45 
look on deviant art, there are a fair number of modelers there. search "sfm DL" or "gmod DL" and look through the results. you'll find alot of reskinners, but some modelers as well.
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