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Space Pool Noodle 2013年8月14日 17時32分
Any CS:GO models with phonemes?
I noticed that the CS:GO models in SFM don't seem to have modifyable faces, is there any models with phonemes out there, or is there a way to get phonemes on these models?
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Rodger; Call me Nostrum 2013年8月14日 19時44分 
Well, I have no idea, but I hope someone does. I know there are some with facial control, but not much. I'm assuming that Valve will soon add HWM CS:GO models in a future update. Keep in mind that SFM still is in beta (unfortunately). If not, we'll just have to wait. Oh well.
Mkt777 2013年8月18日 10時09分 
Unless somebody in the community creates them, there are no HWM CS:GO models. The ones you saw in the Valve short aren't the same models to the ones in the game. They are Valves own personal HQ models used exclusively for that movie.
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Space Pool Noodle 2013年8月18日 10時35分 
Well thats a bummer
Emersont1 4月30日 15時22分 
Could we extract FACS like in Half life 2?
Wircea 5月1日 2時09分 
Ironic how CS:GO community is like ~4 times bigger than tf2's, yet no one of them is able to make better ragdolls of the playermodels.

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6000 ANGRY BEES 5月1日 2時50分 
Here's some CS:GO models with FACS, if you have Garry's Mod.

Their eyes are bugged, unfortunately. Sedisocks fixed the Phoenix model for me:
...but was unable to fix the CT model for some reason I no longer remember.
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Joe Salad 5月1日 17時22分 
CS GO has a text file talking about sfm model faces but idk.

common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg\sfm_defaultanimationgroups

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