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ajs880 2013年8月9日 12時29分
Animator Wanted!

I am making a real life portal gun video in celebration of closing in on 1 million views. I wanted to know if anyone would make Atlas and P-body on a green screen for me? If anyone wants to do it, I could give you more details on what the animation would be. The animation would only last for a few seconds. Also if anyone will do it will link to their youtube channel, or any website you want me to and put your name in the credits of the video.

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goldenpiggy123 2013年9月8日 12時04分 
i could do it, but it is fairly easy. I think you can just get the model in SFM, do the animation, and put it on a green screen. I could do the animation and my channel is GMVinc :)
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