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Wraith 2013年7月30日上午8:33
SFM app still running?
So just yesterday, I was working on a few SFM projects that I have lined up for me, and took a short break where I closed SFM. However, when I tried to get back into it, it said SFM was still running. Confused, I tried every way to get it to close, and eventually ended the Steam.exe process and restarted Steam. This allowed me to run SFM again, but after I closed it and again tried to run it, the same problem occurred. Does anyone know a fix for this?
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SamSpielberg 2013年7月30日下午12:31 
I know that if you launch SFM from the SDK menu, SFM will not be "closed" unless the SDK menu used to open it is closed as well. That probably doesn't answer your problem, unless it does, in which case, you're welcome.
If not, you could start task manager and close SFM there.
Wraith 2013年7月30日下午12:57 
No, I don't usually launch from SDK, and the Task Manager doesn't show SFM as being on. Everything else considers SFM to be closed except for Steam, apparently. It's really confusing!
SamSpielberg 2013年7月30日下午1:04 
Weird. Restart your PC?
Wraith 2013年7月30日下午1:11 
Yeah, that's the next thing I was thinking on trying. We'll see how that goes!
Wraith 2013年7月30日下午2:33 
By the voice of MaxofS2d, it worked! Thanks a ton Sam!
Storm 2013年7月30日下午3:46 
good to hear it worked!

Possible Saxxy 2013 nominee? (drama)
Wraith 2013年7月30日下午4:15 
Hey, I saw this one before! Really liked it, definitely a possible nominee! At least, I'd vote for it. :3
Mary Berry 2013年7月30日下午11:25 
引用自 Snowy
good to hear it worked!

Possible Saxxy 2013 nominee? (drama)
No offense, but please don't spam posts with that. You made a thread, that should do.
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