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KeRRR 2013 07 月 26 @ 2:54下午
Adding medigun to medic (PLEASE HELP).
Hi, I am trying to add the medigun to the medic and make him do the kritzkrieg taunt. I have got everything so far right, I add the medic, set animation to the taunt i want, add weapon, tie the correct properties together ad then drag the slider "zero" the the right to position it. My only issue is the medigun handle moves out of position into his hand. I tried locking the joint_lever to the medic, but doesn't seem to help, any ideas???
最後修改者:KeRRR; 2013 07 月 26 @ 2:55下午
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KeRRR 2013 07 月 27 @ 12:27上午 
any ideas?
Dynamic Dragon 2013 07 月 27 @ 5:22上午 
RED Medic 發表:

But seriously, I tried, it worked fine for me, I locked weapon_bone_L, joint_hose_01-05 and joint_lever.
Rodger 'Two Sheds' Phillips 2013 07 月 27 @ 7:55下午 
This is a glitch within SFM. I know that the Quick-Fix has this same problem, but it's usually a error on my part. I'd suggest closing SFM and reopening it. Other than that, I don't know. (Or, "I Have No Idea!" XD )
Yuri | WombatServers 01 月 1 @ 4:10下午 
To fix this problem, lock everything as usual but DONT lock weapon_bone1. This works for me
=[o.W.n]=KillerSniper2011 01 月 1 @ 4:37下午 
I usually select everything BUT the un-locked items so they stay in place when zeroing.
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