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Joao 2013年7月26日 9時43分
I can't wait until SFM comes for the Mac :)
I hope it comes soon...
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Berry The Punch 2013年7月26日 9時52分 
I cant wait till these topics stop happening.

But really, it's not even finished on the PC, it's best to wait.
Joao 2013年7月26日 9時56分 
I thought it was already finished on the PC..
level 2013年7月26日 11時08分 
It's still in beta, Joao.
Joao 2013年7月26日 11時17分 
But that means Minecraft is also in the beta, because of the various updates.... I would considered it as a finished game..
level 2013年7月26日 11時21分 
No, take a look at the top right here. Just because something gets updates doesn't mean it's still in beta. SFM isn't DONE. TF2 is DONE, just adding things onto it every update doesn't make it a beta.
Joao 2013年7月26日 12時12分 
and this is why I thought that SFM was done, because adding things onto it every update doesn't make it a beta...but now I have understood it.
PalmliX 2013年7月26日 13時28分 
Luckily I have a proven 3 step process for Mac users to be able to use SFM;

Step 1. Sell your overpriced Mac.
Step 2. Buy a PC and have money left over.
Step 3. Install SFM
Joao 2013年7月26日 13時42分 
I had a PC but one day it overheated and smoke came out of it, it was my father gave me for my eighteenth birthday the I mac..(true story).
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Pte Jack 2013年7月26日 15時16分 
Most kids get a Mac for their 12th birthday and a Beamer for the 18th... sheesh, You're behind!!!
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Pte Jack 2013年7月26日 15時16分 
Or was that a Big Mac... Doh!!! Same difference, I guess!!!
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Dynamic Dragon 2013年7月27日 4時42分 
Joao の投稿を引用:
adding things onto it every update doesn't make it a beta...
Wow... How are they supposed to make it better then? Say prayers? Besides, it's not the PC's fault if you don't take care about your computer and do regular maintenance. If you leave giant dust clots in the vents and holes, your components are going to fry, especially if you always demand top performance from your graphics card and such. Don't expect it to last long if it constantly runs at >90*C.
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Joao 2013年7月27日 5時30分 
but it was not only overheatment but a kind of short circuit and the PC was only 1 year old.
Berry The Punch 2013年7月27日 13時27分 
In that case, don't buy a Dell ever again. P:
Joao 2013年7月27日 14時28分 
Originally posted by Dynamic Dragon:Wow... How are they supposed to make it better then? (I said beta not better and beta doesn't mean better)
Pepe 2013年7月29日 6時29分 
What is there still to add to SFM that is preventing it from coming out of beta anyway?
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