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SilentSpartan 2013年7月25日 21時10分
Purple reflection/glare
When I first started making my film, I got about 10 seconds done and rendered the clip. Now, I am 35 seconds in but it seems I've messed something up along the way. I have screenshots to show what I mean.

Original render:

New render:

I'd like to get it back to looking like the original render. Does anyone know what I did to cause this? It goes throughout my film and its bumming me out so much so I haven't been putting much time into continuing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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SilentSpartan 2013年7月27日 22時05分 
Bumping in hopes of solution.
Pte Jack 2013年7月28日 8時47分 
I guess the question is what did you change between renders, did you add or adjust light settings, create an animation set for and change camera settings, etc???? It looks like the camera is in the same place, So I would think you've changed a light. If you don't know what you've changed in the light, create an empty and lock it to you Lights roottransform and zero it to the lights position, unlock the empty, delete the old light and create another, then lock the empties roottransform to the new light and zero the light to the empty and start over.
SilentSpartan 2013年7月28日 11時57分 
Thanks for the suggestion. Ill try it out after work.
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