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[Symmetry] 2013年7月15日上午9:43
All I see when open SFM is a gray background. Help please!
It used to work good when I first opened the program. It was a year ago. All the windows and stuff were on their place. Today I opened it again and nothing can be seen only a big gray background. I checked the "windows" and I'm able to restore the the smaller windows like primary wievpoint one by one, but don't want to make it again and again once I open SFM.
Now it looks like this:
I would appreciate your help.
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Pte Jack is away for a MONTH++ 2013年7月15日上午10:02 
Just pull the tabs onto the Gray back ground. You'll see 5 or six little white boxes, tey represent the window area the tab will go. Drop the tab on one of the boxes

Like this

This is also how you make custom layouts like this

You can also try clicking Windows > Layouts and return to default layout
最后由 Pte Jack is away for a MONTH++ 编辑于; 2013年7月15日上午10:14
[Symmetry] 2013年7月15日上午10:13 
Thanks for your quick answer. I couldn't really do what you showed me, but i found the solution.
Windows-Layouts-default that was the problem. I set it to "clip editing" not it works fine.
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