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Mr. Banana-Rama 2013年7月14日下午3:07
Questions about camera locks, and about mouth controls.
Hello! I'm VERY new to this amazing program. I'm watching the official tutorials on youtube, and I have some problems.

First, the camera locks don't seem to work. I have tried what the offical tutorial said, and tried to do a motion shot of a scout running: I recorded a scout running, created a camera, created 2 animation sets for the camera and scout respectively, opened up the motion editor, found the head joint in the model and "moved" the joint label from the left of the screen to the little checkbox of position of the camera. However, the camera either doesn't move at all, or stays in place jittering like crazy. It just doesn't follow the scout.

Second of all, I wanted to know if there was some trick on making mouth expressions, like completely opening the mouth. My models look hideous for some reason.

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R234 2013年7月14日下午3:19 
For the camera, you simply forgot the last step: You didn't apply the Playhead preset.

For facial expressions, making them manually takes a bit of doing. Opening the mouth for instance requires you to drop the jaw, lift the upper lip, lower the lower lip, perhaps change the mouth's shape a bit with lips_v, stretch or pucker them a bit depending on the shape you want, etc. etc. etc. Facial expressions are very very complex, even professional animators have a hard time making them look right.

That said, SFM's HWM models have phoneme, viseme and emotion presets that come with them. Just look for these tabs where the procedural filters are, to the right of the animation set editor. They may make facial animations easier.
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