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elvissteinjr 2013年7月14日 13時47分
Disabling Fog
I've found solutions like "fog_override 1" or "fog_enable 0", but they don't really help me as it's usually the fog of the skybox that gets in my way.
So, is there a way to disable the fog completely?
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Brutal Taco 2014年8月23日 16時48分 
fog_override 1 should work.
raptornx01 2014年8月24日 6時35分 
go into game mode, open the console there and type fogui. you can disable the fog there.
Vintage 2014年8月24日 6時36分 
Well, actually fog_enableskybox 0 works with fog_override 1.
elvissteinjr 2014年8月24日 6時44分 
This is pretty old, figured it out by now. But I guess that info is useful for anyone else looking for an answer, so thanks.
raptornx01 2014年8月24日 7時02分 
Oh, I didn't look at the date of the original post.
Vintage 2014年8月24日 7時03分 
And I looked at the date of yours. Back then, "Just now".
shar 2014年9月7日 13時43分 
use 2 commands together. Helped me
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