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noddy 2013年7月13日 15時37分
Graybanns not paintable? (jul13_sweet_shades)
Ive tried the usual method in GIMP(Copy, paste, fill bg colour etc...) but that doesn't work.
Any tips?
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Pte Jack 2013年7月13日 18時11分 
Sorry Cyber, I haven't had a chance to look at any of the new updates.
noddy 2013年7月14日 12時57分 
Ah its fine, I have tried your method but it doesnt seem to work; it just makes the glass bits look slightly see-through and discolored, aswell as not being painted :(
Pte Jack 2013年7月14日 16時11分 
Hmmmm, Cyber, I don't seem to have any problems...

Actually, it looks like these Community items are suffering the same texture problems that the Robo_Boogaloo items have. The base texture paintable areas in the vtf files are completely black.

Follow the steps in my How to Fix Hats guide (look at the How to fix the Robo_Archimedes area) on how I fixed this for my shot.
最近の変更はPte Jackが行いました; 2013年7月14日 16時13分
noddy 2013年7月15日 13時27分 
I have tried this method like 4 times already, still doesnt work :(
Pte Jack 2013年7月15日 13時33分 
Proof that it does is in the picture I've shown above... Your Graybans will stay blackish in colour if you did it properly, then you have to edit "$colortint_base" "{ 25 25 25 }" in jul13_sweet_shades_1.vmt to the RGB colour number you want.
最近の変更はPte Jackが行いました; 2013年7月15日 13時52分
noddy 2013年7月15日 15時45分 
ok, but will I always have to paint them through the vmt, will it not work through the Hat Proxy.dmx ?
Pte Jack 2013年7月15日 16時58分 
It very well may, I have not tried it.
noddy 2013年7月16日 11時03分 
My friend gave me the vtf because he fixed it, must have been me that was doing something wrong. Thanks, yet again :D 2013年7月17日 16時42分 
noddy 2013年7月18日 8時18分 :3
qp 2013年7月24日 4時39分 
how an earth do you even get this classes, i am having so much trouble finding them
noddy 2013年7月24日 5時09分
Pte. Jack's video he is so helpful so check out his other videos :)
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