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[Gamers Against Weed] Declivity 2013年7月10日 6時35分
I messed up sfm by deleting the folder. [SOLVED]
SFM wasn't launching properly, after loading it would only bring up the window to open a file, and nothing happened after I chose one.

So I wanted to try to re-install to fix it so I deleted the source filmmaker folder in common. But when I try to re-install it from the steam store or SFM website it tries to launch instead and says it is missing the .exe
最近の変更は[Gamers Against Weed] Declivityが行いました; 2013年7月10日 8時29分
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Pte Jack is away for a MONTH 2013年7月10日 6時41分 
Go to your steam client library, select all softwares, right click Source Filmmaker, select properties, in the program pop-up, select the local files tab then select Verify integrity of application cache and let the process complete. This will make SFM download any corrupted or missing files.
[Gamers Against Weed] Declivity 2013年7月10日 8時26分 
didn't work
[Gamers Against Weed] Declivity 2013年7月10日 8時28分 
however, you did lead me right beside a proper uninstall button. used it. now I'm re-installing properly. thanks.
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