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Source Filmmaker

Dan 8. jul, 2013 @ 7:15
Links for beginners just wanting to pose/make scenes etc
Not make movies, just basic scenese and poses with TF2 characters, using items in my inventory etc.

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Pte Jack 8. jul, 2013 @ 14:44 
Making movies and posing for posters is pretty much the same thing. Go to the Source Filmmaker youtube site and watch the tutorials. When you get into number 13 series thet go into more pose to pose animation. But the stuff before that is good as well for your purposes.
The other thing is that the tutorial files are included with SFM and you can work along with them.

Here's the link...

The tutorial files are found on your harddrive here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf_movies\elements\sessions\tutorials
Dan 9. jul, 2013 @ 5:05 
thanks dude :) appriciated
They're dmx files... :| Anything I can get to run those?
Techmaster, ALL sessions created in SFM are .DMX's. This means they are sessions, you will have to find them and load them in SFM.
Dan 13. feb @ 12:36 
wow, what a bump, i posted this over 4 years ago lol
Right. Thanks Giggles. I'm still familiarising myself with SFM Heheh.
Ah, I didn't actually realise how old this post was. But hopefully I helped you.
It did help me yes. Thanks for that.
It was a real bump.
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