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Brandz0r 2013年7月8日 1時36分
Camera jitters around when using SFM
I dont know if that is the proper word for it but basically when I use the Motion Editor the camera jitters around when I'm trying to move a model around. This can also occur when I'm generally just moving the camera around. It's really irritating and practicaly unusuable any help would be greatly appreciate :) (also the model menu sometimes jitters when it's loading the models.)
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biwinning 2013年7月8日 1時47分 
I have the same problem
最近の変更はbiwinningが行いました; 2013年7月8日 2時05分
Brandz0r 2013年7月8日 1時48分 
Hmm, maybe its a bug then.
biwinning 2013年7月8日 1時51分 
Brandz0r の投稿を引用:
Hmm, maybe its a bug then.
how old is your computer?
mine is about 3 years and I think it must be outdated graphic\fancy stuff cards or whatever(no idea which or what or whatever it's just a guess)
最近の変更はbiwinningが行いました; 2013年7月8日 1時51分
Brandz0r 2013年7月8日 2時28分 
Nah mine is pretty new. and I worked on a project a few weeks ago and it was fine.
biwinning 2013年7月8日 2時29分 
Brandz0r の投稿を引用:
Nah mine is pretty new. and I worked on a project a few weeks ago and it was fine.
ok guess it can't be that then.
Brandz0r 2013年7月8日 2時30分 
Yeah just opened the old project and now its all glitchy. Was perfectly fine a few weeks ago.
BNI-Lucky 2013年7月8日 3時01分 
Check that your work camera isn't set to auto lock. To the left of your "camera1" tab is a crosshair, if that's selected the work camera may jitter around to try and follow a model you're animating.
Brandz0r 2013年7月8日 3時07分 
I don't know what you mean.
BNI-Lucky 2013年7月8日 3時11分 
Where you click to change between work and film cameras, to the left of that is a crosshair. This will be above your clip/graph/motion editor.
Brandz0r 2013年7月8日 3時12分 
Are you talking about the ways to move a model like rotate and such?
BNI-Lucky 2013年7月8日 3時15分 
Your viewport. The thing you look at models with, right?

To the bottom right of it there will be a gear, the word "camera1" in a box to the left, and a crosshair left to that. If the crosshair is glowing it is making the camera jitter because it is trying to track your model's joints while you rotate them.
Brandz0r 2013年7月8日 3時16分 
I'm sorry man you'll have to show my a screenie or something.
biwinning 2013年7月8日 3時27分 
I get it Lucky. I'll try that
BNI-Lucky 2013年7月8日 3時40分 
Let me know if that works.
biwinning 2013年7月8日 4時47分 
nope. didn't work :(
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