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Fat Soviet Machine Gun Mann 2013年7月7日 4時19分
Tf2 Sounds and Maps not Loading
Tf2 maps will load,but the majority of them will be purple and black checkers.In addition,the only Team Fortress 2 sounds that will load are dialogue and music tracks from the 'Meet the' series.So far,this has hindered me from completing any animations for about 3 days.I do own tf2,and tf2 sounds and maps loaded perfectly fine a week ago.Any solutions to this problem are welcome.
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Pte Jack 2013年7月7日 4時35分 
Check this out, It will show you how to get the latest TF2 updates and the MvM stuff into SFM properly...
Fat Soviet Machine Gun Mann 2013年7月7日 8時54分 
Thank you.
Fat Soviet Machine Gun Mann 2013年7月7日 8時58分 
However,do you have anything on the missing sounds?
Pte Jack 2013年7月8日 0時57分 
Follow the tut, you'll get all the sounds too.
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