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Onyx 2013年7月5日 13時40分
Looking for people to reskin weapons and classes! Also map making!
I am looking for some people/person to reskin weapons and classes for TF2 source filmmaker. I am also looking for someone to make a map to. I will tell you more details when you message me, my acccount name is williamloki1234
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R234 2013年7月5日 13時56分 
By reskin, do you mean retexture, edit material properties, or edit the model itself? (Or all of the above?)
Onyx 2013年7月5日 14時46分 
retexture, and remodel
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R234 2013年7月5日 18時10分 
I can't do modelling, but if you have questions about textures and materials I can help if you post them here :)
Onyx 2013年7月5日 18時34分 
thanks, i i need to make a new texture for a bunch of weapons, can you help? i dont know if it will lead into remodeling
R234 2013年7月5日 20時36分 
What weapons would that be, and what did you have in mind for them? I suppose I could see about messing around with that tomorrow, if it's not too complicated.
Onyx 2013年7月5日 21時54分 
just a simple reskin of the rocket luncher to make it "shiner" or "Newer" looking, also the shot gun to look like a trench gun from WWII and a the shovle to look "Newer".
Psi 2013年7月6日 8時36分 
you know you don't have to use TF2 models.... there are TONS of other models from other games and such available that can be used in SFM that might more fit your fancy. And not just other Valve games... any game. The community spends a lot of time porting models from other games to source engine.
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Onyx 2013年7月6日 14時55分 
I dont think any game has the models i am thinking of, but i will look around. Thanks
R234 2013年7月6日 17時11分 
Here's a mockup for the rocket launcher:
The metal turned out loads lighter than expected, but that's nothing I can't fix. I tried to clean it up as best I could with the smudge tool, and I gave it a darker lacquered wood finish. Whad'ya think?


Whoops, lol, a bit overkill with the specularity:
Unless you like chrome ;P


Okay, I think this looks pretty good, don't it?
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Onyx 2013年7月6日 19時32分 
That looks awesome, Thanks alot! can you help me with the other two to? Seeing from your work here, the shovle is going to look epic.
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R234 2013年7月6日 21時03分 
Can't promise anything with the shotgun, but I'm starting on the shovel right now.
Onyx 2013年7月6日 21時21分 
wow thanks a lot
R234 2013年7月6日 21時53分 
How's that?

You can download the clean rocket launcher and shovel textures here:
just stick the materials folder in usermod and your weapons'll look spankin' new ;)
Delete or move the files elsewhere to revert to the original ones.
Use the c_shovel if you want it to look right, by the way. The w_shovel will have the new texture, but won't be shiny.
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Onyx 2013年7月6日 22時14分 
Again thanks i will put your name in the credits in my movie. I have another favor if it is not much, can use make the medic gun look "newer" the bown saw look "newer" and the syrign gun (no idea how to spell it) look "newer". if you say no i am totally ok with it
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