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When will Source Filmmaker be available for Linux and/or Mac OS X?
I think the SFM is to no small extent cool to make something graphic art. Many times, I've used this programme on my Windows-8-based desktop. But, I'm not in my home country now, travelling to another country. These days, I currently take advantage of my MacBook Air as well as I don't install Boot Camp for gaming. That's because its hard drive is pretty small. Until now, I still want to use the SFM on my MacBook Air, but, as you see, the SFM is for only Windows. When will the SFM be available for Linux and/or Mac OS X?

Thank you for your attention to read my post here, buddy.
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Pte Jack is away for a MONTH 2013年7月3日 15時02分 
Search the disccusion group for MAC and join that discussion, also there is a group for MAC users
¶∆ឈឺլրտես§খারাপ˚¬Ω 2013年7月5日 11時04分 
I entered that group a few days ago. What a very interesting discussion! So I'm interested in that group. I hope that the group will surely grab Valve's attention. And thank you for posting the link here, buddy.
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