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R234 2013年7月1日下午7:41
RT cameras in SFM!
Guys, take a look at this!

I KNEW it HAD to be possible to use RT cams in SFM!
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Pte Jack 2013年7月1日下午7:45 
R234, can you explain for us laymen?? What is a RT Camera?
R234 2013年7月1日下午7:48 
Oh, heh.

Well, those who are familiar with Gmod probably know about them. They're cameras that project what they see onto a texture. That's how they made TV screens in HL2, for instance.

I'm messing around with them, I'll post a screenie or two as examples.
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Pte Jack 2013年7月1日下午7:58 
Excellent... Thanks!!!
R234 2013年7月1日下午8:22 
Here, animated GIF:

This is all SFM, no after effects trickery. And this apparently works with light textures too! The possibilities are endless :3
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