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Kuga 2013年6月29日 9時20分
Changing skins in the middle of the animation?
Hello guys, I was working on a video where a Medic übercharges a Heavy. Is it possible to change Heavy's skin from regular BLU to Über BLU? Changing skins in the regular method just changes them for the whole sequence.
Thanks in advance
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Pte Jack 2013年6月29日 9時43分 
I think I heard something about a script that might be able to do this... Check the script section at
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SamSpielberg 2013年6月29日 9時57分 
One way is to make a copy of the original and change that skin to the uber, leaving you two copies, one normal and one uber. Then in the motion editor, just switch the normal one for the uber one by moving the time bars to where you want the uber heavy. Hope this makes sense.
Kuga 2013年6月29日 10時55分 
Thanks Sam, that did work :D
SamSpielberg 2013年6月29日 12時25分 
Not a problem. That script that Jack mentioned would be good too. That allows you to animate the change of skins and body groups.
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