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pootis126 2013年6月27日 1時16分
Sfm is not saving my work!
when im making some changes is Sfm and i want to save then it shows me this error:
Document was not saved because there was an error writing the file.
is it Sfm wrong or is it just me,somebody with familiar problem?
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Danny "White Christmas" Sexbang 2013年6月27日 11時27分 
Does the harddrive you are saving on or the partition have WRITE permissions?
General Dickhole^Lv^ 2013年6月27日 14時23分 
can you plese teel me more abut the WRITE permissions? im just noob to all this my computer thing :/
PixelGuy 1月11日 11時32分 
I'm having the same problem
Master Of Bodyshots 12月4日 16時12分 
Have you used any characters like ! or a question mark in your file? If so, just simply remove it, then you might be able to save
Ultimate Procrastinator Edge 12月10日 22時27分 
Tell me the name you used for the save. I might be able to give a suggestion to avoid it happening again.

Source filmmaker is picky and refuses to save if certain things are present.
1-5 / 5 のコメントを表示
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