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Aliens model
Where can i find a model of the Alien Queen, facehugger and chestburster?
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I like Alien so it would be cool to have these models.
I'm going to assume the Queen Mother isn't in this pack?
Where did you get these? thats awesome! Also, is it possible to pose the tail?
The Aliens are from a Gary's Mod pack that I ported to SFM, the face hugger is a Lightwave OBJ I found on the internet, it was textured but was not rigged, I'm working on that now. I've already added 107 bones to it, 67 of those to the tail alone.I had to rescale (blow it up big time) it to work with the TF2 characters. I'll try to port it to Valve format when it's finished in Blender.

Here's a short video on the work I've done so far...
Автор останньої редакції: Pte Jack; 27 чер 2013 о 23:48
That is a strange version of a Pretorian, not the Queen. And the model of the facehugger is perfect. I hope you will make it downloadable.
Автор останньої редакції: IthinkSteve; 28 чер 2013 о 2:29
"Zis would be eczellent".cit.
hello.....aiman here! anybody out there?
Hmmmm. If the FaceHugger works out, maybe I'll see if there is anything I can do with HER!!!
I found a Garry's Mod Model of the Face Hugger, It is already rigged and has animations...
I prefer your model of the facehugger. The model of the Queen is from Colonial Marines?
IDK. Some one just modeled the queen and I found it
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