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Need a IK Rig Here!
Title speaks for itself. I need an IK rig for this:, V_hands.mdl

Now, the reason why I need one for that particular model, is because I'm working on a slender video, in first person. I need to be able to move the arms without moving the hand.

I've tried numerous times to create one myself, but to no avail. and without a good tutorial to do this, I feel like I'm "in the dark" with this situation. I will be very grateful if someone responds!
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Pte Jack 21.6.2013 kello 16.23 
Most IK rigs are based on the hands moving the rest of the arms??? I'm confused!!!
Here is a perfect exanple of what I mean: at :42 his arms move up while his hands are in place. I know for a fact that an IK rig can do that with ease, which is why I need one. I can move the forarm bone with an IK rig, and the hand will stay in place.
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Pte Jack 21.6.2013 kello 17.00 
Place the hands where you want them to be still, move the pelvis through the hands, that will leave the hands where they are and use the wrists as a pivot point for the joints btween the collar and the hands....
My model doesn't have a pelvis.
Pte Jack 21.6.2013 kello 18.38 
Ohhhhh DOG, you're using v-models .... Let me see if there's anything on that!!
I used viewmodels because they have the highest detail. (polygons, textures, etc.) There's somethings I can't do without an IK rig though.
R234 21.6.2013 kello 20.30 
Does it have to be the HEV suit arms? There's models that have fairly detailed arms, the Left 4 Dead 2 models' arms are just as detailed as their viewmodel version, for instance.
Pte Jack 21.6.2013 kello 20.37 
I was just reading through the how to build a custom rig... Give me a bit...

Also, I don't have HEV_hands, did you pull it out of a gcf or is it one you made? I need to see the bone structure .Or did you rename the V_hands model? That's what it looks like!!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Pte Jack; 21.6.2013 kello 20.44
It's v_hands
Oh, I'll give you the bone structure
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Pte Jack 21.6.2013 kello 22.08 
Yup, I got it, I even have it in a blender model, but I am have a hell of a time trying to figure out this IK stuff. I thought I had it, but NOPE!!!
R234 21.6.2013 kello 23.16 
Pte Jack lähetti viestin:
Also, I don't have HEV_hands, did you pull it out of a gcf or is it one you made?
Oh, no, HEV is the name of the suit Gordon Freeman wears in Half-Life. Sorry for the confusion ;P
Yup, I knew what the HEV was, I just didn't have the model name he showed in the image.
Pte Jack 26.6.2013 kello 18.37 
Still working on this!!!
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