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noddy 2013年6月21日 9時11分
Newest TF2 Items?
Not sure if this has alrwady been answered but here it goes;
I really would like to see the new TF2 items added to SFM, or if I could do it manually.
Well honestly, I tried to do this following PteJack1's Youtube tutorial with the Robotic Boogaloo items but I only got the models, no textures; just that purple and black checker board.
Could someone please point me in the right direction?
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Pte Jack 2013年6月21日 9時41分 
That probably because you missed one of the material folders, go back into the tf2_mics_dir.vpk folder and make sure you extract the maps, materials, models and particles folders, then go into the tf_textures_dir and extract the materials folder from that. The folder extracted go to the sourcefilmmaker/game/tf folder so the path would become {sfm}/game/tf/maps , {sfm}/game/tf/materials , {sfm}/game/tf/models , {sfm}/game/tf/particles , {sfm}/game/tf/sound.
最近の変更はPte Jackが行いました; 2013年6月21日 9時41分
noddy 2013年6月21日 10時23分 
Thanks man:D your videos have helped alot with the technical side of SFM, Thanks:D
Pte Jack 2013年6月21日 10時27分 
Thanks, I try to keep them at a basic level so everyone can use them... might be a bit of a drag for the more advanced users, but they still contain some stuff they can use...
noddy 2013年6月21日 10時29分 
Yeah, I've got a bit more experienced using SFm but the basic tutorials still help alot.
Pte Jack 2013年6月21日 10時32分 
I'm going to assume it was one of the material folders you missed, (hunch??)
noddy 2013年6月21日 10時40分 
Yeah, because when I followed your tutorial on the boogaloo items i forgot about the last bit, so I now don't have the purple checkboards, but the textures dont look all that right.
Like the Scout jogging pants are supposed to have white stripes down each leg, but they dont; only black line's.
I am guessing that this is a glitch like the bills hat, so Ill wait for a fix:)
Pte Jack 2013年6月21日 10時43分 
The texture in the paintable items are pooched, walk through the guide I posted on fixing the hats. You most likely have to repair the other items and the process is pretty much the same.
noddy 2013年6月21日 10時43分 
Ok, Ill have to do that later on tonight.
But thanks again with all your help:)
Pte Jack 2013年6月21日 10時44分 
Not a prob, good luck
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