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Psi 2013年6月19日下午2:33
What's this "too many shadowed lights" cap?
seems to be some kind of cap on the amount of lights you can have per shot. I think it's 9?

that will be quite problematic for some ideas i have for future projects. what has to be done to get around this?
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R234 2013年6月19日下午2:51 
The limit's just for shadowed lights. You can disable shadows on lights which don't require them.
Psi 2013年6月19日下午2:56 
so shadows are automatically enabled on lights or something then? what preset exactly is the shadow option so i can know what one to disable?

when i got the warning all i was doing was adding volumetric lights for laser beam firing effects. I hadn't enabled any shadow options.
最后由 Psi 编辑于; 2013年6月19日下午3:02
R234 2013年6月19日下午3:35 
Shadows are on by default, yes. Just right click a light and there's an option to disable shadows.
Pte Jack 2013年6月19日下午3:39 
I'm not sure if this has changed, but I believe the valve tutorials say that the maximum lights that can cast shadows is 6
raptornx01 2013年6月20日上午12:51 
Nah, i've gotten the error as well. it's 9 now.
Berry The Punch 2013年6月20日上午2:02 
One day we'll have allll the shadowed lights we want.
One day...
Pte Jack 2013年6月20日上午10:43 
And someone's prince will come
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