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Armored Squirrel 2013年6月17日上午10:47
Energy in Sfm
Hello again, i've got an order with green energy unusual. But it's broken ;~; But i'll guess there's a way to fix it? Someone knows?
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Vintage 2013年6月17日上午11:36 
I think it was something about changing the material it uses, either by removing "_additive" from what material it uses, or by adding it if it isn't there.
(Welp, I don't really use unusual effects myself, but I think it was something like that.)
(Yeah, you need to make an "Instance Particle System" of it.)
Pte Jack 2013年6月17日下午12:08 
Check to see if this helps you
Vintage 2013年6月17日下午12:09 
@Pte Jack

Eeyup, that's the video I saw, and was trying to write down and such. :P
Armored Squirrel 2013年6月19日上午1:59 
Forgot to update. Yeah it works now thanks to jack's video ;)
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