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Armored Squirrel 2013年6月17日 10時47分
Energy in Sfm
Hello again, i've got an order with green energy unusual. But it's broken ;~; But i'll guess there's a way to fix it? Someone knows?
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Vintage 2013年6月17日 11時36分 
I think it was something about changing the material it uses, either by removing "_additive" from what material it uses, or by adding it if it isn't there.
(Welp, I don't really use unusual effects myself, but I think it was something like that.)
(Yeah, you need to make an "Instance Particle System" of it.)
Pte Jack 2013年6月17日 12時08分 
Check to see if this helps you
Vintage 2013年6月17日 12時09分 
@Pte Jack

Eeyup, that's the video I saw, and was trying to write down and such. :P
Armored Squirrel 2013年6月19日 1時59分 
Forgot to update. Yeah it works now thanks to jack's video ;)
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