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Gibbylicious 2013年6月16日 15時36分
SFM Crashed and Won't Open (Resolved!)
The darling program was working just fine until I tried to stick a whole bunch of Skyrim models into it. After messing around for an hour or two becasue all the models were invisible for whatever reason, I just tried moving the different models and particles around until they ALMOST worked, but didn't. That was when i tried to put a little Kajiit on the roof of Tfort, and Source Filmmaker exploded.

Trying to open it again, I get an error that says the software is unable to find the gameinfo.txt. Thinking that maybe this had to do with all the Skyrim shenanigans, I took out all the models to the best of my ability. Still the same message. Then i restarted my laptop, restarted steam, and attempted to download Source SDK (or whatever you call it) and found out I either can't fix it with that or I am too stupid to use the tool. The same error just pops up everytime.

I am open to suggestions on how to fix this problem, and I'm hoping that it's some tiny thing i'm overlooking so that SFM woun't open so that i don't have to wait 10 years for it to reinstall.

Any ideas?
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[AfH] Nookyava 2013年6月16日 16時23分 
Attempt to reverify TF2.
Gibbylicious 2013年6月16日 16時31分 
Pardon my stupidity but how do I do that?
[AfH] Nookyava 2013年6月16日 16時57分 
Right click TF2 in your games, properties, in one of those tabs it's there.
Gibbylicious 2013年6月16日 16時59分 
Alright, did that...
Nope it didn't work. I'm getting the same error :/
R234 2013年6月16日 17時14分 
Why TF2? Reverify SFM instead.
Gibbylicious 2013年6月16日 18時13分 
THANK THE LORD It appears to be working now.

Thank you R234 and /EmP\ Nookyava :D
Bald_Bro 2013年8月6日 11時10分 
Ребят, у меня таже проблема, я проверил SFM, и TF2, но он не запускается!
Мой TF2 не обновлён...
Guys, I have the exact same problem, I checked the SFM, and TF2, but it does not run!
My TF2 has not been updated ...
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