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dogey 2013年6月16日 0時18分
Need help with botkillers
Okay, so I need help with the botkillers. It's that they don't have the carbonado skin. I am trying to make a carbonado botkiller medigun. Please help. ( I think Pte Jack is coming here :3 )
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Pte Jack 2013年6月16日 0時28分 
Nope, someone slammed the door in my face....
dogey 2013年6月16日 0時30分 

Pte Jack 2013年6月16日 0時32分 
Rainbow, give me the model name... I know what they are and I had a prob with the crystalized ones too. I need to look at the vmt
dogey 2013年6月16日 0時35分 
Also I would like help with finding the Wilson Weave. Anyone?
dogey 2013年6月16日 0時36分 
Pte Jack 2013年6月16日 0時40分 
I think you want fob_h_medigun_diamond... or fob_h_medigun_diamond_v

Pte Jack 2013年6月16日 0時44分 
The wilson weave is starve_(whatever the model is).mdl (ie starve_scout, starve_demo, starve_medic)
最近の変更はPte Jackが行いました; 2013年6月16日 0時44分
Pte Jack 2013年6月16日 0時47分 
And the starve is invisible... working on it now
dogey 2013年6月16日 0時49分 
Pte Jack 2013年6月16日 0時54分 
To make the starve visible, open C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf\materials\models\player\items\all_class\starve_hair.vmt

Find the line "$detailblendmode" 6 and put 2 forward slashes in front of it,

Like this

"$detailscale" "5"
"$detailblendfactor" .01
// "$detailblendmode" 6
"$yellow" "0"
"$nocull" "1"

Then either save your work, close SFM and restart it, and load the project or

in the console type, mat_reloadallmaterials, when the process finishes go back to the view port and move the play head

And yes the Starve is paintable...
[unassigned] 2013年11月26日 3時15分 
yeah, but is there any way to get the carbonado skins??
dogey 2013年12月3日 4時32分 
Suicidal Krayz の投稿を引用:
yeah, but is there any way to get the carbonado skins??
Nope, I don't think so.
Pte Jack 2013年12月3日 11時08分 
Ok, I only see 2 botkillers for each class, a Heavy and an Engi - Each class has 2, they all start with fob. All botkillers have 2 models for each, so for the medigun, there are a total of 4 models. These models are called, fob_h_medigun.mdl, fob_h_medigun_diamond.mdl, fob_e_medigun.mdl and fob_e_medigun_diamond.mdl Now in side the fob_h_medigun.mdl there are 8 skins, these are the base botkiller skins. Inside the fob_h_medigun_diamond.mdl there are 4 skins, these are the diamond and the carbonado skins.

So that being said, the botkillers for the sticky bomb gun are,
fob_(h or e)_stickbomb.mdl and fob_(h or e)_stickbomb_diamond.mdl
The Wrench,
fob_(h or e)_wrench.mdl and fob_(h or e)_wrench_diamond.mdl
The Minigun
fob_(h or e)_minigun.mdl and fob_(h or e)_minigun_diamond.mdl
The Medigun
fob_(h or e)_medigun.mdl and fob_(h or e)_medigun_diamond.mdl
The Flamethrower
fob_(h or e)_flamethrower.mdl and fob_(h or e)_flamethrower_diamond.mdl
The Scatter Gun
fob_(h or e)_scattergun.mdl and fob_(h or e)_scattergun_diamond.mdl
The Sniper Rifle
fob_(h or e)_sniperrifle.mdl and fob_(h or e)_sniperrifle_diamond.mdl
The Rocket Launcher
fob_(h or e)_rocketlauncher.mdl and fob_(h or e)_rocketlauncher_diamond.mdl
and the Spy's Knife
fob_(h or e)_knife.mdl and fob_(h or e)_knife_diamond.mdl

In order to make them visible, you may have to edit the VMTs for each of these models as discussed earlier.
yvaNNe 2014年5月24日 20時00分 
Anyone know what the Gold Botkillers are listed as?
I cant seem to find them
Irvitzer the Toy Soldier [⇄] 2014年5月31日 9時33分 
Yvanne .sM の投稿を引用:
Anyone know what the Gold Botkillers are listed as?
I cant seem to find them
Gold botkillers (you are talking about bot heads, right?) are just skins. Add silver one to weapon and set his skin to 2 or 3.
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