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Envoy 2013年6月8日 18時25分
Problem Starting SFM
Okay what the hell is this, I start SFM and the page to open a recent file/create a new one opens, but the other window (the actual SFM) doesn't seem to appear. Instead if I hover over the taskbar icon it looks like this:

Happened a while ago and went away, It's back, what do? I tried verifying game cache and reinstalling SFM.

Also, where can I find a decent muzzle flash effect? Can't seem to find one that isn't way to huge or isn't cartoony. I've scoured the particle files looking for one
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Pte Jack 2013年6月8日 19時06分 
Try right clicking the SFM icon on the Taskbar, then select maximize.
Pte Jack 2013年6月8日 19時10分 
I didn't find the TF2 minigun extended flash too cartoony for this

I think it's all in the way you use it...
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Slaps_only 2013年6月15日 16時18分 
i have that exact same problem.
I tried reinstalling it, presing alt + spacebar to get to the top menu to move or adjust the size (instead it goes to new).

@pte jack: doesnt work in windows 7
Slaps_only 2013年6月21日 19時04分 
this may be unrelated but: i tried to validate the game files, and when it was done verifying i was notified that I was missing 27 game files and they would be recovered. I had the same problem and I verifyed again and am still missing 27 game files.
D1ceWard 2013年6月21日 19時35分 
Same problem here, he stay minimized
Pte Jack 2013年6月21日 19時45分 
Have you tried to maximize it from the task manager? I'm not on windows 7 anymore, but I believe in the applications (??) SFM is listed, right click on it there, bring it to front (if the option is there) then try to maximize it.
Slaps_only 2013年6月21日 19時53分 
when I validate the game files, those 27 files are restored, but when i open SFM again the program is still 'minimized', then i will try to validate the game files again and yet again im missing 27 files =(
Pte Jack 2013年6月21日 20時15分 
Also, try running as administrator...
D1ceWard 2013年6月22日 5時47分 
i have maximize it from the task manager, it work !
Pte Jack 2013年6月22日 8時28分 
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