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Unknown 2013년 6월 2일 오전 6시 37분
Crashes when trying to export poster - ctf_doublecross
When i'm trying to export my poster made in sfm it crashes. This only contains the map in the headline. Rest maps are fine and works easy for me. - Location - Exact - Location - Red spawn - Behind gameplay map - Location - Hat - Misc - Position - Wants it to be an profile avatar - My Session of the current map and everything - Maybe it helps

So i really hope someone could finish this poster that will be my profile picture in steam as soon as possible.
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Pte Jack 2013년 6월 5일 오후 8시 37분 
Your filedropper link does not work
stan the man 2013년 7월 10일 오후 9시 35분 
same here, im loading. it doesonly the tga file (useless) and crashes. but yesterday i made like 3 posters no crashes at all. can some1 solve this without saying to buy new computer?
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