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Mr.Chillinµt 2013年2月14日 8時22分
Control points
I'm making a video where control points are important, but in all my sessions the points are missing, any idea what I should do?
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Pte Jack 2013年2月14日 8時34分 
Mr.Chillinµt :

Did you create them as you made the clip? What editor were you in when you made them (if you did) ie. Clip, motion or graph editor?

If you create Control points (book marks) in say the "motion editor" they are not created in the other 2 editors automatically, you have to set them up by moving to the point in time in the one you created it in then switch to the other editor and create a bookmark there. (Becareful adding points in the graph editor, they actually change animations between the points created.)

Mr.Chillinµt 2013年2月14日 9時34分 
When I said "control points" I meant the capture points in tf2, they don't appear in my SFM sessions
Pte Jack 2013年2月14日 9時47分 
what map did you use?
Mr.Chillinµt 2013年2月14日 9時52分 
PalmliX 2013年2月14日 11時10分 
Try recording a few seconds of gameplay.
Mr.Chillinµt 2013年2月14日 12時19分 
I tried, it didn't work
R234 2013年2月14日 13時42分 
You made sure you had the current shot selected, clicked the "record" button below a viewport, unchecked everything except "props" and "misc ents", clicked "ok", waited a few seconds after the fourth beep, pressed Escape? There's no way that didn't work unless your SFM is broken, or you messed with the display settings.
Pte Jack 2013年2月14日 15時02分 
Cap points are actual models. If you want it in scene without using record mode, look for cap_point_base.mdl. Skin0 is uncaptured, Skin1 is Red and Skin2 is Blue. The uncaptured hologram is cappoint_hologram. The red and blue holograms are body parts of the neutral hologram. You'll have to animate it spinning.
Mr.Chillinµt 2013年2月14日 15時27分 
it worked, thank you very much for your help
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