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Knifestorm Effect Coming Pixelated
I fixed my green energy comeing pixelated by removing the "_add" but I have no idea how to fix the knifestorm Unusual effect.
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Pte Jack Feb 1, 2013 @ 6:43am 
For questions like this, the explanation of the problem is too vague. The name of the particle system is not correct and we have no idea of where you pulled it from. SO looking at the photo I'm going to take a STAB at it.

It looks like this may be one of three or four systems from the itemfx.pcf or item_fx_dx80.pcf file located in the game\tf\particle folder (Vital information is name of the particle file and the game folder you got it from)

Now looking through the particle file I find 5 particles,

unusual_storm_knives (Probably the main effect and the also the information needed to help you fix this)

unusual_storm_knives_core (this could be the buggey particle)
unusual_storm_knives_clouds (or this one)

these 4 of these effects make up the main effect known as Unusual_Storm_Knives

Now... Create an element for the main effect

Follow the examples of this tutorial to help find the child of the buggy particle

Get into the motion editor, show the particle system in the element viewer

Right click on the particle name and create an instance of it

Find the 4 particles that make up the system your using and expand them..

Look at the material that make them up... I'll bet you will find that one of them is the dreaded effects\whispy_smoke_add.vmt material.

To fix the effect remove the _add from the effects\whispy_smoke_add.vmt material name to point the material to the correct material. (which is effects\whispy_smoke.vmt) Hit enter to commit the change and poof, there you are... pixelated material gone.

Mr. Bigglesworth Jun 11, 2014 @ 11:18pm 
thanks so much, that helped me out so much
Pte Jack Jun 12, 2014 @ 9:39am 
Wow, that's an oldie!!
Thank you for taking the time to research your problem. I'm glad it helped you.
Oh lol
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